Why Lona Mowers? Three Reasons

There are many reasons to choose Lona Mowers, here are three reasons

  • Proven

    We were the first to introduce an indigenous made electric lawn mower to India, but that was 25+ years ago in 1991. Our products have withstood the test of time, foreign competition and copy-cat imitators. Our lawn machines are used in all kinds of conditions, from small lawns, to large playgrounds as well as to clear wild grass. You can be sure that you are getting a high quality reliable machine together with superior quality service when you go with Lona Mowers

  • Made in India

    Our products are testament to Indian entrepreneurship, ingenuity and engineering. They are manufactured with the latest manufacturing techniques and have been designed with special consideration to Indian conditions. They are simple to operate and easy to maintain. They are built with parts that can be easily replaced and maintained at local Indian workshops. Serviceability is particularly a problem with Foreign Brand machines

  • Cost Effective

    Owning and maintaining a Garden lawn is no longer a problem. Lona lawn mowers are not only affordable, they are very easy to operate. You can now maintain your garden without having to hire garden labor. Different models are available at different price points to suit different needs.

About Us

  • History

    Lona Lawn Mowers is a family owned and operated business. We take great pride in the craftsmanship, durability and quality of our machines. We are based in Aluva, Kerala India and have been manufacturing Lawn Mowers for over 25 years.

  • People

    Alexander Mathew is the Founder, President and Chief Designer of Lona Lawn Mowers. A local Enterpreneur and Businessman. Prior to this Mr. Alexander taught Physics for over 20 years in schools and colleges in West Africa

Our Products

All our products are built on steel frame for ruggedness, have ball-bearing wheels for friction free movement. They also come with height adjusters allowing you to cut grass at different growth levels. Some machines come with collection bags to collect grass. Shown below are our base models, but we can customize everyone of them by fitting higher capacity motors.

  • Mini Lona-1 ₹7,750.00 + 12%GST + shipping

    The Mini Lona-1 is a small and powerful machine with high rpm and torque. It can cut thick grass with minimum effort. It is ideal for small gardens and countered slopes. It is also very light and portable making it very easy to operate and transport. Ladies can also operate these machines with minimum effort. Mini Lona-1 does not come with a collection bag. The blade length is 8 inches and the weight is 6kg.

  • Mini Lona-2 ₹8,000.00 + 12%GST + shipping

    Mini Lona-2 is the same machine as Mini Lona-2 but comes with a grass collector

  • LN102E ₹11,600 +12%GST + shipping

    The LN102E is a traditional electrical rotary mower with a grass collector. It is ideal for small to medium sized lawns. It is powered by a 1.0 HP motor and has a 12 inch blade

Want to get a better feel for our machines. Check out ourLawn Mower Product Video
  • LN104E ₹13,000 + 12%GST + shipping

    The LN104E is a side opened lawn mower without a grass collector. It is suitable for big gardens, playgrounds. It can be used for all kinds of grass. It has a 1.5 HP motor and 18 inch blade.

  • LN105E ₹14,500.00 + 12% GST + shipping

    This machine is suitable for large lawns or large plain areas like football fields. It is powerful enough to cut through all kinds of grass. It is larger version of our LN102E model with a bigger body, a larger capacity grass collector, an 18 inch blade and a larger 1.5HP motor.

  • Lona Grass Trimmer Rs 4250 + tax + shipping

    The Lona Grass Trimmer is ideal for trimming lawn edges,small lawns, grass near trees,walls,stones,slopes,hills (places the other machines can not be used). It is fitted with a 600Watts motor

How to Order

We are based in Kerala - India but ship all over India either through courier or by road parcel service. Here are some more details on how to order

    • Send us an email inquiry with the machine you are interested in and your location
    • We will respond back with a full quote including shipping and tax and our account number
    • Certain states require a road permit, which you will need to obtain from the local sales tax office
    • Transfer the funds to our account and send us a copy of the road permit(if applicable)
    • If it is a small machine, we will courier it. Bigger machines are sent by road transport

Video demo of our machines can be seen below